This is a beautiful harp, designed with romantic classic look spacing and tension similar to a traditional Lyon & Healy pedal harp. 


Lyon & Healy, 40 Strings



Hundreds of Encore 34’s have been sold throughout the world.  It has concert spacing, moderate tension, and a low note two full octaves below middle C.

Blevins Harps,  34 Strings


BRAND NEW harp. This is a new light-tension harp. Its bright and clear, yet resonant sound offers an inspiring playing experience for the beginner of any age.



Lyon & Healy, 34 Strings


"Spruce top, light walnut stain, square back.This is a little original gem. It has a warm and sweet sound. Perfect for any adult harper.”



Triplett, 30 Strings

This harp is for Rental Only. This is a great little starter harp for anyone interested in trying the harp, sweet sound and portable too!


Dusty Strings, 26 Strings



Lyon & Healy, 32 Strings


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