This is a beautiful harp, designed with romantic classic look spacing and tension similar to a traditional Lyon & Healy pedal harp. 

Lyon & Healy, 40 Strings



BRAND NEW harp. This is a new light-tension harp. Its bright and clear, yet resonant sound offers an inspiring playing experience for the beginner of any age.



Lyon & Healy, 34 Strings


"Spruce top, light walnut stain, square back.This is a little original gem. It has a warm and sweet sound. Perfect for any adult harper.”



Triplett, 30 Strings


Hundreds of Encore 34’s have been sold throughout the world.  It has concert spacing, moderate tension, and a low note two full octaves below middle C.

Blevins Harps,  34 Strings


This harp is for Rental Only. This is a great little starter harp for anyone interested in trying the harp, sweet sound and portable too!


Dusty Strings, 26 Strings


We have two new Ogden lever harps coming in April.  Please watch this site or contact us for more details.



Lyon & Healy, 32 Strings


Dilling, 33 strings


This Celtic Single Action Harp, Dilling Model is a rare combination of levers and “pedal-like” single action. It has seven levers on top of the neck, each of which raises the pitch of all like-named strings. This allows for much more flexibility of tuning than a traditional lever harp. You must come in and see this harp before it is gone.

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