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Salvi 46 Pedal.jpg

Rainbow Electro-Acoustic

Salvi, 46 Strings

This Salvi semi-grand acoustic harp, no longer being manufactured, also provides connection to an amplifier or recording device.  Included is a Salvi 2-piece cover set, Yamaha mixer, Fishman amplifier, and patch cords. 


85E, Knull.jpg


Lyon & Healy, 47 Strings  12345

This Lyon & Healy 47 string harp has a mahogany finish, and is 2-1/2 years old.  It was regulated in 2021 and is in excellent condition.  A 3-piece transport cover set is included. 11111


85CG Original Body

Lyon & Healy, 47 Strings

This instrument has a beautiful, large tone.  It was played by a professional and consistently maintained.   A 3-piece transport cover set is included.


Style 17 Natural

Lyon & Healy, 46 Strings


New Lower Price -- This lovely harp is slightly smaller than a full concert grand harp, and has an old-world sound.  Natural finish.  New Lower Price!



Available Space

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Harp Shipping Trunk_edited.jpg

Transport Trunk

This trunk is designed to safely transport any size harp to and from the factory for refurbishment or repair.  It is available for rental.  

$300 rental

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