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Person to Person Classifieds

Seattle Harp Arts is now offering Person to Person Classifieds to the harp community. You may list any personally owned harps or related items for sale or rent in an ad on this web site. See the current ads below. 


These ads are for the convenience of individual sellers and buyers within the harp community. Seattle Harp Arts does not bear any responsibility for accuracy in the description of the items or their condition.

 This feature of our website is offered as a service to our visitors, and requires a modest fee paid to Seattle Harp Arts. 

If you would like to submit an ad, click here


For Sale

This item is actually not for sale on the SeattleHarpArts Person to Person Classifieds page.  We are using it only as an example for future ads.

Asking $1.49

Would you like to list a harp here? 

To post an ad, please complete and send the form below.  After your information is reviewed, we will contact you for a photo and send instructions on how to pay. You can choose to pay $10.00 to post your ad for one month or $60.00 for one year. Once we receive your photo and payment, we will post your ad. 


This information is for our records only.

Please write your name, contact information and description as you would like it to appear in the ad.

Fields with * are required

Thanks for submitting!

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